B.T. Neighborhood History

Update: 11/15/23
The Belmont Terrace neighborhood consists of 87 single family dwellings located on the northwestern edge of Sebastopol, just outside the city limits. Belmont Terrace Mutual Water Company supplies water to all 87 homes. Each residence has its own septic system and most homes are on approximately ΒΌ acre or larger.

The first well was drilled in 1951 and all the distribution lines were laid as the neighborhood was being built. The lot where the well system is located is on Bella Vista with a second access from Tocchini. The well system consists of two wells (#1 and #2), a pump house, a holding tank, and diesel generator. Well #1 currently serves as the back-up well to Well #2, which was drilled in 1976. There have been numerous upgrades to the system over the years. Most recently, the pumps and electronics were replaced in 2010, and the main distribution line (from the well to the street) and a portion of the street valves were replaced in 2017. At that time, observations indicated that the main street lines were functioning properly.

The BTMWC has a volunteer Board of members with a variety of skills and backgrounds. Our community also includes a water engineer and a retired well operator, both of whom are active in the overall operations of BTMWC. Our three water operators are residents of Belmont Terrace and are part-time employees of the Company. They bring expertise, reliability and commitment to maintaining our system. The water is tested periodically to ensure that it meets state and federal drinking water standards.

A General Membership Meeting is held annually during the first quarter of the year. At this meeting the prior year is reviewed, the upcoming year is discussed, and new Board members are elected.

Each of the 87 households currently pay $125/month to receive water from Belmont Terrace. It was agreed in the 2023 General Membership Meeting that each year on March 1st, the water invoice amount will increase based on the Bay Area Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the previous year. This helps BTMWC keep up with inflation, updates, and repairs. The household rate covers operations, repairs & maintenance, and a reserve fund for future upgrades. Past upgrades to the system have been paid out of reserves, including the 2017 upgrade which cost $207,000. Households are not currently metered, but all Belmont Terrace residents are expected to practice water conservation. We will be required by the State of California to have meters installed by 1/1/2032.

Jean Tillinghast, President Jon Hallengren
Sandra Pete, Secretary Laura Hormel
Suzanne Llamado, Treasurer  

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