2020 Meeting Minutes


Belmont Terrace Mutual Water Company


Minutes of General Membership Meeting, January 27, 2020


Fireside Room, Community Church of Sebastopol


1000 Gravenstein Highway North, Sebastopol, CA







Board Members in attendance:  Steve Paulick, Sandy Pete, Laurie Mattinson, Ed Thompson and Denile Kosten.




Meeting called to order at 7:11 p.m. by Presiding Officer, Steve Paulick.


A quorum of 11 households was achieved.


Minutes of the General Membership Meeting held on January 28, 2019 were approved with small corrections.


Financials:  Laurie Mattinson reviewed the handout of the 2019 financial report.


Emergency Response Committee (ERC) Leader:  Denile Kosten, ERC Chair reviewed the handout of the job description for the ERC Leader.  Claire Schlecht volunteered.  Her nomination as ERC leader was moved, seconded, and approved.  Steve thanked Denile for her diligent work to revive the Emergency Response Committee.


Future Capital Improvements:   Steve Paulick reviewed upcoming capital improvements which included cleaning of the storage tank, new roofs for the storage tank and pump house, check valves on the houses on Bella Vista higher than the well to prevent back flushing.  Valve replacement and additional valves in the lower Terrace along Danmar for repairs and directional flushing which would improve the water quality on Danmar, and additional data loggers for potential energy savings and usage models.  Discussion followed regarding ‘brown’ water.  Christine Ford at the end of Danmar had photos of her water filters.  The Board agreed to sample the water at the curb of Christine’s house and send to the lab for analysis to see how to address the issue.


Conservation and Ground Water Levels:  Ed Thompson reviewed our water usage for the past year.  Mutual water companies are seeing state and local governance are increasing governance.  Ed commented that increasing the amount of time on automatic watering system during hot spells was fine, as long as people remembered to turn them back afterwards.


Bylaw Revision to Article III, Section 2a. Number of Directors.  Sandy Pete presented the bylaw revision to increase the maximum number of directors from five to seven.  The rationale would be more members to serve and increase the talent and continuity of the Board.  The revision was approved.


Elections and Appeal for Directors:  Ann Thompson was elected as a director.  It was suggested we put an article in the next newsletter regarding the director opening.


Other:  As postal mailbox fees are increasing, there was a short discussion about adding a mailbox to the well property at 7906 Bella Vista.  It was agreed that this would be reviewed and acted on at the Board meetings.


Meeting adjourned at 8:48 pm.


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