Anticipated Capital Improvements

Belmont Terrance Mutual Water Company

Anticipated Capital Improvements – FY 2021


Booster pump backup                         est. $3,800


Chlorine pump replacement              est. $300-500


Hach chlorine meter                           est. $500


Tank cleaning and reroofing               est. $20,000-$30,000


2020 Operation and Maintenance Duties and Highlights


Major Projects:  Replacement of pump house roof and repair of hydrant valve on Dorthel.



Operator duties:  This is not an inclusive list, but a snapshot of what goes on behind the scenes.


Inspect equipment, equipment and well site maintenance, monitor chlorine levels, testing as required by the state, clean injectors, run generator and record propane levels, attend monthly Board meetings, download data logger,  flush lines (March, July and November), prepared and distribute Annual Report and Consumer Confidence Report, run well 1, help homeowners with curb shut off for repairs, monitor contractors doing work on our behalf on our site.



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