22nd Feb 2012

No Water Until 6:00 pm on Wednesday, Feb 22

The best laid plans did not come to be.  The water main shutoff on Tochinni Street did not shut off.  SO we have had to shut the whole neighborhood off from water.   IF you have water now you may not for long.  All the houses on Bella Vista some on Daniel are already out of water.  SO sorry.  If you are home the best thing to do is to shut off the water to the house.  I will post again when you can flush your house lines.  Bruce and I will be doing a typical flush of the hydrants BEFORE you will want to flush your house.

Sorry  for the disruption we will have it back online as fast as possible.

We will still need to conserve even though we will be flushing the hydrants.

Thank you for your patience.




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