12th Apr 2024

Re-Roof project has started

Email sent out on Monday about conservation of water. There are 6 major steps.

Friday morning, April 12th at 10am to about Friday, April 26th

As many of you may know, the water tank roof over our community water supply is about 70 years old. The board has been working hard on plans to replace it and we are finally nearing the point of the new installation. This new roof will ensure a safe and sanitary water supply for all of us here in the Belmont Terrace, and will last for many many years to come.

We have had to coordinate with four contractors for the final installation and it has become a very involved process which requires we all pitch in to make it go smoothly.

During the construction, we will be on a backup tank that only holds 5,000 gallons, compared to our main tank that holds 38,000 gallons. Obviously, this impacts the availability of water for all of us. The demo of the old roof and the installation of the new roof should take between a week and two weeks. During that time we ask that everyone in the Terrace restrict their water usage to inside the house only. NO outside watering should occur during the demo and installation and ALL outside automatic systems should be turned off as well. No one wants to turn on the tap have have nothing come out, and this conservation will help prevent that.

The installation is set up to start on Friday, the 12th of April.

Please be prepared. Some ideas for water saving that can be used both indoors and for outside watering (only if needed):

Fill garbage cans or other containers with water now and hand water new plants with that.
Fill bathtub when the final date is set and use for toilet flushing. We did this during the worst of the drought and it works great.
Use 5 gal bucket to collect water while shower is heating up and use to flush toilets or outside for watering of new plants.

If anyone has any other ideas on how to collect water now before conservation measures are needed, please let us know and we will share them with your neighbors!

We are all owners of the Belmont Terrace Water System and its maintenance allows us to remain in control of our water. Remember, this is for the benefit of our entire community and your help is greatly appreciated.

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