25th Feb 2012

2nd Sample passed

We are now up and operational on our new pipes with our dual pressure tanks.  We are having a little trouble getting the pressure tanks up to the correct pressure but that should be cleared up by morning.

Thank you everyone you did a great job conserving water during this construction project.

If you have problems with sand or dirty water please run the hose in the back yard for 5 minutes or so should clear all the water through the house.

I found these tips out on a website:
The Boil Water Notice will be lifted once the water is safe to drink.

After a Boil water Notice has been lifted

  • Flush water farthest from the inlet to the house first.  (Most cases the backyard)
  • Flush all water-using fixtures for 1 minute.
  • Run cold-water faucets and drinking fountains for 1 minute before using the water.
  • Drain and flush all ice-making machines in your refrigerator.
  • Run water softeners through a regeneration cycle.
  • Drain and refill hot water tanks set below 45 C (normal setting is 60 C).
  • Change any pre-treatment filters (under sink style and refrigerator water filters, carbon block, activated carbon, sediment filters, etc.).


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